Do you provide life jackets?

Yes. They are clean and rinsed after every outing (no sand, no grit, no odors). We have a variety of sizes:

  • Child (under 90-pounds)
  • Adult
  • X-Large

How many people can ride on one ski?

We limit it to 350-pounds.  This means the ski can usually accommodate 2-adults.  Or 1-adult and 2-kids (under 90-pounds each).  Sometimes, it means just 1-adult.

How long will it run on a tank of gas?

The Yamaha owner’s manual states that at “Wide-Open-Throttle” the skis have a voracious appetite of 7.7 gallons/hour.  Having said that, we observe that the average fuel consumption is between 3.5 to 4.5 gallons/hour.  Since the fuel tank is 16-gallons, the answer is about 4-hours before refueling is required.

What fuel do I use if I need to refill?

Regular 87-octane

Do I need to mix the oil and gas?


Which size trailer ball do I need?


Which wiring harness do you use?

We use a “Flat-4”, but we can loan you an adapter for a “7-Round”.

If I have a receiver hitch on my vehicle, but I never bought a ball; do you have one I can borrow?

Yes, in fact we have several different types, including a 7-inch drop in case you have in a lifted truck.

Checking to see if the weight is within the towing capacity of my vehicle. How much do the jet skis and trailer weigh?

1000-pounds for 1-ski on a single trailer

2000-pounds for 2-skis on a double trailer

What if it rains during the rental period?

There is no charge if the ski comes back with zero (0) hours on the motor meter.  If renting by the hour, the rate will be prorated and discounted accordingly.  If renting by the day, the rate will be $80/hr until the daily rate is met.

I want to rent using the “Tow-N-Go” side of the business. How far away can I take them?

You can take them to any of the following lakes, and possibly a few others we forgot to mention:

  • Lake Lewisville
  • Lake Grapevine
  • Lake Joe Pool
  • Lake Arlington
  • Lake Ben Brook
  • Lake Granbury
  • Lake Worth
  • Lake Eagle Mountain
  • Lake Ray Hubbard
  • Lake Ray Roberts
  • Lake Lavon
  • Lake Tawakoni
  • Cedar Creek Reservoir
  • Richland Chambers Reservoir
  • Lake Possum Kingdom
  • Lake Murray
  • Lake Texoma
  • Lake Bridgeport
  • Lake Whitney

Can you deliver to any of those lakes?

Maybe.  Give us a call and we can let you know if we can oblige.  If we are able to accommodate, there is a delivery fee of $1.50/mile.

What is Texas Law regarding the operation of jet skis?

  • If the boat operator's blood alcohol content exceeds .08, it is a violation of the law and punishable by suspension of driver’s license, fines, and imprisonment
  • If you born after Sept 1, 1993 you must have taken the Texas Parks & Wildlife Boater Education course and have the printed certificate in your possession
  • Each occupant must wear a lifejacket; and any person being towed is considered an occupant
  • If equipped with a cut-off or kill switch, it must be attached to the operator or operator's clothing
  • It is unlawful for any person to jump the wake of another vessel recklessly or unnecessarily close
  • It is unlawful for any person to operate within 50 feet of another vessel, platform, person, object, or shore except at headway speed without creating a swell or wake
  • It is unlawful for any person to operate in a circular course around any other boat that is occupied by a person engaged in fishing, waterskiing, or similar activity
  • It is unlawful for any person to operate jet ski at night (sunset until sunrise)
  • Persons leaving or approaching public fresh water are required to drain all water from their vessels, to combat the spread of invasive zebra mussels.
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